The TV Programs about CIP Service Travel Agency

“Let’s Go” with Alevtina Madyarova, Turkey 2015
Alevtina Madyarova tells about vacation in Turkey, with the participation of our company and partners. This program is very informing
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TV Channel Habar about CIP Service Agency
On TV Channel Habar, there is a report on tourism in Turkey and particularly on our company. We are delighted
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Qazaq News 21.04.2015 Turkey (CIP Service Travel Agency)
  A lot of issues of the modern tourism industry and the world economic situation are raised in this program.
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Traveller’s Diary
“Traveller’s Diary” program is about Rixos Hotel Chain which is the partner of CIP Service Travel Agency. For a long
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The Anniversary of CIP Service Travel Agency
“Inform Bureau” program was dedicated to the anniversary CIP Service Travel Agency. For the fifth anniversary we invited all our
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TV Channel KTK 16.02.2016
The report of the popular Kazakhstan TV Channel KTK on Antalya was on the 16th of February 2016.
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